book launch: A to Zion - The Definitive Israeli Lexicon

 02 June
 The Albion Beatnik
 34 Walton Street - OX2 6AA - Oxford - United Kingdom
 Dennis Harrison
Published by Fanfare Press, written by Gilad Atzmon and Italian cartoonist Enzo Apicella. The authors suggest that this book is a "fictitious satire." ENZO APICELLA is a scion of Italy's greatest rabbinical family, circumcised by three different mohuls in an operation supervised by Henry Kissinger. GILAD ATZMON, a modal qassam and klezmer artist of some renown, operates as a part time mohul under different professional names (Willy Short in the USA, Pipi Chopski in Eastern Europe, Nobby Razor here in the UK). Contrary to the blurb on the book's cover, he is definitely not funded by Mossad or the ADL. Free entry; refreshment available.

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