Boneca Bootcamp with Scott and Rebecca

 23 May
 Level 1, 103 Foveaux St Surry Hills NSW 2010
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 Scott Callow
Coming to Sydney for the first time is a bootcamp specifically designed to enhance a single fundamental of Zouk Lambada - Boneca, generally the hardest concept to grasp. Between the 2 of them, Rebecca and Scott have over 25 years dancing experience that will allow them to explain difficult concepts simply.¬if_t=like Throughout the day students will be taken from learning the actual biomechanics of the Boneca, through to its more advanced versions and then implementation into the context of a turn pattern. The day is designed so you can take the fundamentals of the Boneca and then comfortably integrate them into turn patterns. Suitable for all dancers currently doing Zouk Lambada as beginners will be exposed to a concept that will stand them in good steed as they progress and also very good for experienced dancers to make your Boneca strong. Workshop 1: Biomechanics of the Boneca. Focussing on the activation of the chest and the neck to make it fluid, strong and most importantly safe, and the proper footwork so it can remain stable. Particular attention will be paid to the proper preparation for leaders as well as drills. If you are a beginner it is HIGHLY advised to do this one before the others. Workshop 2: Making it Dynamic. Learning how to incorporate the upper body movement of the Boneca with strong footwork so you can be dynamic and travel with the movements without being unbalanced. Workshop 3: Concepts into Turn Patterns. Start incorporating the movements into turn patterns to show that no matter the turn pattern it becomes simple if you just apply the fundamentals. Venue: Connection Studios Sydney, Level 1, 103 Foveaux St Surry Hills NSW 2010 Date: 11am - 3pm, 23 May 11am: Workshop 1: Biomechanics of the Boneca 12pm: Workshop 2: Making it Dynamic 1-2pm: Lunch 2-3pm: Workshop 3: Concepts into Turn Patterns Later that night come to I Heart Zouk, Kizomba & Bachata to practice what you have learned :) 1 Workshop: $20 2 Workshops: $40 3 Workshops: $50

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