Bombproofing with Holly Williamson, The Mounted Patrol Way

 16 May
 Grey Farm 5090 Athens Walnut Pike Lexington, KY 40515
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 Bombproofing the Mounted Patrol Way with Holly Williamson
Holly Williamson Natural Horsemanship has teamed up with Kentucky Mounted Patrol to help teach you and your horse the Bombproofing skills you need to hit the trail, parade or volunteer with the Mounted Patrol. With a tried and true methods Holly will help you build you and your horses confidence to overcome fear and nervousness. Clinic exercises include groundwork with obstacles and under saddle obstacles that are challenge and exciting. Get your tickets today as they sell out quickly. As always this is a rain or shine event. Bomb Proofing Clinic Schedule and Checklist 9AM -10 AM -Check in, sign release and pick up wrist band. Make sure you receive and keep the skill training list with you all day. Wrist band can be hooked to your saddle if you prefer. Must be displayed at all times when handling or riding your horse. You may exercise your horse as you see fit. Please do not use the obstacles at this time. Order Lunch if you want it delivered. 10:00 AM -Horses should be equipped with rope halter, clinicians training halter, l2’ + lead rope. Unsaddled, you will not be riding before lunch. Bring your training stick, and any other items you would like to work with in the obstacle area. Halter work from station to station, ask for help as needed. Remember your horse should move left, right, forwards and backwards around most obstacles. If you have a special request for specific skill you would like to work on, let us know. This is your play day! Noon – Break for lunch – Secure your horse. 1PM –Return to obstacle area for mounted work if you feel comfortable riding. Do not attempt any obstacle your horse failed during the morning session without assistance. 2PM- Sensitivity Training, hand held objects, herd behavior, crowd control, formation riding, parade obstacles, trail riding self defense, and other distractions. 3PM – Introduction to hoof ball, the obstacle, the game. Participation optional. You can also use this time to go back to your primary goal for the day. If your horse has not mastered side passing, or trailer loading, or any other goals for the day, this is a good time to work on these skills. 4PM End of Play Day. Question and answers, announcements for future events. Please like us on Facebook and tell your friends. Thank you for participating. 4:30 Break down of arena and obstacles. Note: Schedule is subject to change at any time for guest speakers and special event sensitivity training. If at any time you feel you are not being productive in building a positive relationship with your horse, please let someone know. This day is dedicated to you and your horse.

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