Bolt Action - Normandy Comemeration Game

 06 June
 Pegasus Hobbies & Games
 9-13 st. Thomas square - NP255ES - Monmouth - United Kingdom
 Stug Haell
To Comemerate the success of the D-day landings we will be running a 3 table normandy game, with a beach head table leading to an of the coast french bocage table with another table being either a bridge capture or artillery destruction mission that will affect the other two tables. Sounds quite complex but it will all be pretty self explanatory once they're all set out. The models will be supplied though if you do have the main nations in Normandy you are welcome to bring them along. It will be a large game with lots going on across the different tables and all having an effect on each other. The allies job is simple survive the beach and break through with the British Paras trying to disrupt behind enemy lines. You will take control of one Section/ squad and play those throughout. Anyone who was at our Tanks Giving event can expect a similar experience. More details will be revealed as time goes on

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