Bohemian Paris Picnic Weekend in honor of Nancy Souza

 23 May
 Lincoln Park
 1450 High St - 94501 - Alameda - United States
 Tim Wayne
SATURDAY MAY 23: 4pm-?: BBQ, Drinking, and Music at Dan's place in Alameda. Located next door to the Grill many of us knew and loved, it boasts a large back area for BBQing and relaxing in the sun, and plenty of space inside for relaxing out of the sun. INSTRUMENTS ENCOURAGED; along with your boozy stories, anecdotes, and memories of Nancy, as well as the other dogs who have gone before their time. As the night gets later there will be no neighbors (or "normals") to truly annoy, so we can go until those plucking fingers can't strum no more. There's even an out of tune piano. There will be various beer on tap, but bring a bottle of something if you'd like to (or like to share), as well as anything you'd like to contribute to the grill/nosh pile. SUNDAY MAY 24: A Bohemian Paris picnic in honor of Nancy Souza, Lincoln Park in Alameda. We'll get going around 11am and celebrate until 4pm or until it's too cold or dark. There are lots of places in town to get drinks or dinner later in the day if people want to stay together to keep celebrating. I spoke with someone from the Park Dept.--renting the facility (picnic tables + BBQ) is expensive! Especially on the holiday weekend. So we'll skip "renting." I will get there early and claim a space in the woodsier area with a view of the rose garden. We can put up a pop up tent, which might be nice to decorate and put a table or two in for food. Also, unfortunately there are no dogs allowed in the park, Tim Wayne. Since this picnic is DIY on the fly---bring whatever you want to sit on, put your food on, dishes, deco on. Bring your own fancy second hand store china to eat on! I will bring a few card tables and tablecloths. Wear your finest, frilliest, most romantic Boho ensemble. Bring your feathers, silk scarves and pointy boots! Nancy was all about the Bohemian glamour. <3 Let's potluck! Bring your favorite dish or drink...bring some to share. FYI---there is NO ALCOHOL allowed in the park. So--officially--we can't have any. Officially--we'll get in trouble. Officially--I can't be responsible for policing everyone and what they're drinking in their various unmarked bottles, mugs or teacups. OFFICIALLY. Just sayin. Bring instruments, poems, songs, writings, messages to Miss N, pictures of beautiful Paris, etc. We'll put up a beautiful little altar for her at the center of the party. MONDAY MAY 25: A's Game. On Memorial Day the Detroit Tigers are in town, and there's a free hat giveaway at the O.Co. Bleacher seats are $22 and there's a large parking lot for tailgating in ahead of time. Dan will start a poll to get actual interested numbers and can get the tickets directly from the box office to avoid ticket fees. The game starts at 1pm, tailgate closer to 11, and for those traveling home after the game will likely be over round 4:15. Both the tailgate and game are BART accessible (as are OAK and SFO afterwards). For those that have never been to a live baseball game the Oakland A's were a huge part of Nancy's out-of-faire life, and I encourage you to give a day in the ballpark a try.

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