Body Mechanics 3

 17 May
 Studio 1, 20 Old School House, Britannia Road, Kingswood, BS15 8DB
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 Saara Tatjana
Body Mechanics Workshop 3 – enhance your tango dance by developing awareness of how your body works! Theme: Embrace and trust: dialogue in the dance: listening and talking, call and response; sliding embrace and projection. Level: improver level and upwards. You will need 6 months plus dance experience to benefit from this workshop. If in doubt, please ask. Focus: In this workshop we will focus on how to be a dynamic follower. We will explore ways to build and extend dynamic two­way dialogue within the dance. Leaders, be prepared to be surprised! Followers, this is your chance to explore and extend your unique musicality. Teaching: this will be a guided workshop, lead by Aaron Davies and Saara Tatjana, with special input from Aikaterini Tsaousi (Kat). Expect to work on your own and with a dance partner. Booking: email: please book with a dance partner. If you are struggling to find a partner contact Saara. Please note, that this workshop is not suitable for people with serious muscular/nerve injuries. If in doubt, please ask. Dress: flat shoes, standard dance shoes (with plastic protector covers on heels); also be prepared to work barefooted. You will need to wear loose comfortable clothing . Cost: £15 per person or £12 for students or unwaged, payable in advance. Date & time: Sunday 17th May. Time: starts: 2pm finishes: 4 pm Venue: Studio 1, 20 Old School House, Britannia Road, Kingswood, BS15 8DB About the workshop facilitators: Aaron is an architectural designer, dancer, and photographer. His focus is on the dynamics of the human body, particularly within the context of architectural spaces. Saara is a tango dancer, teacher, event organiser, musician, and trained dance and movement therapist. She is jointly responsible for Tango Note with Thomas Rasche, both of whom have been developing an alternative Bristol tango scene with an innovative yet fundamental approach. Kat is a life scientist, a budding yoga teacher and a tango novice. She will throw light on how to find and align the front and back body muscle lines through a series of slow yoga­based movements, demystify the term ‘grounding’ and help you experience and deepen dissociation of the body above/below the waistline via a variety of twists.

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