Blood-Rust Records Fundraiser Day Show @ Harum Scarum Warehouse + After Party Show @ Das PuupHaus!

 16 May
 Harum Scarum Warehouse & Das PuupHaus
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 Tim Jeffery
Blood-Rust Records Presents:11 bands/1 day. ++Harum Scarum Warehouse Show:(Starts promptly) @ 2 p.m.-7:30 p.m.++ Low Cotton (SC)-Gnarly hardcore punk with elements of doomy heaviness.(featuring members of Rubrics & Baltimore's Endless Bummer ) + Sein Zum Tode (Columbia,SC)Extremely spastic avant-garde metal featuring members of Burnt Books and many more. + Moist Boy-New-ish local hardcore band in town. No recordings yet. + LYSP-Local aggressive & fast hardcore No recordings yet. + Chris Head-Local heart throb acoustic in the vein of bluesy country deep sorrowness. + Nosedive-local acoustic bluesy roots featuring local sweetheart Rippin' Rawb. + Squidlord-Local instrumental psychedelic stoner doom ++Das PuupHaus After Party Show:Starts @ 8:30!++ Bathe (Columbia, SC)-Heavy as fuck nastiness push you to the point of no return metal in the vein of Primitive Man & Celeste featuring members of Sein Zum Tode, Abacus & Burnt Books! No recordings yet. + Bludded Head (Texas)-Grimy sludgy heaviness coming back to compress our minds. + Spliff-local children of the crust playing their "return from a two day mini tour that ill be going on with them"show. + Black Mountain Hunger-local based slayers of souls,colossus's of clout!Atmospheric black metal finely tuned to break you. *This is a fundraiser to help fund & streamline the Blood-Rust Label premier on July 11th! *Feel free to bring food and BBQ supplies. *Warehouse show will be over at 7:30 as to not raise suspicion to a certain baconey character and so we can all get the house show started @ Das PuupHaus $5-$20 (or more) donation to help pay the out of town bands and put some fundage in the label bank. If you would just like to donate to the cause then you can paypal any form of payment to Rain or shine,I hope to see ya'll there and thank you for your support!Message me for addresses or ask a punk. July 11th event here ^

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