Blood Drive for Colton de Witte

 16 May
 Regional Fire Training Center
 1220 Fire Science Ln - 95351 - Modesto - United States
 Amy Howser
Colton, son of Hendrick and Nicole, is a two year old active boy who loves riding his motorcycle and playing outside. On Tuesday March 24, Colton’s mom took him to the doctor because she thought he might have the chickenpox. After the doctor examined Colton, he was given antibiotics and immediately sent to get blood work done. When the result came back, the doctor expressed Colton’s blood counts were so low that he was at extreme risk and he needed to have a blood transfusion in Roseville. Just after Colton was admitted to the hospital, the doctors started throwing around the words oncology and leukemia. After several more tests were ran, tests confirmed Colton had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). By participating in this blood drive, you not only provide a vital resource for those in need of blood, you also help offset the medical costs for blood transfusion-related medical expenses for Colton. For every person who donates blood on behalf of Colton, Delta Blood Bank will donate a $10.00 monetary credit to help pay for Colton’s medical expenses.

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