Blissful Joy Shamanic Dance!

 22 May
 Queen Anne United Methodist Church/The Well
 1606 5th Ave W - 98119-2915 - Seattle - United States
 Sam Garcia Jr.
May brings Beltane, the celebration of joy and abundance as spring leans toward summer. We also reflect on the experience of motherhood and being mothered. As the bees act as lovers and midwives to the flowers and their fruits, we dance together in May to create and celebrate Blissful Joy. Bliss is a specific kind of joy; it describes a sense of complete and perfect harmony within. This can be exuberant, calm, ecstatic, or all of these at once. Through movement, we realize the possibilities of our bodies. We connect to our spirits through our bodies, feeling the joy and gift of having the body at all. Last month, we danced for Full Self Expression. This month, that expression has brought us into the bliss of being whole. This dance ceremony is designed to clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks that prevent you from living in your highest & greatest state of joy and empowerment. Take a moment go into your heart and ask: "Where in my life do I feel a need to experience and express a greater joy?” "Where have I been holding back my joy from the world? How will I create and share more joy in this world?” "What does my heart and soul recognize as the form of highest joy and bliss today?" Bring an open heart, loosely fitting and comfy clothes to dance in, and a water bottle. We dance bare footed. Bring dance shoes if you need to. You may also bring items that symbolize the Blissful Joy you wish to celebrate, nurture, and create within yourself and in our world. Let the dance be an honoring of the earth that supports us, the bodies that we inhabit, and the hearts that call us forward. There is no dance experience necessary. This is an experiential dance in a judgment-free, sacred, and contained space. All ages are welcome, and there may be children in attendance. I look forward to dancing with you all and your intentions for inspired, blissful joy! Any questions, please me, Sam at 206.697.1357 Love, Sam Cost $15.00 6:45pm: Sage Smudge 7:00pm: Opening Circle 7:20pm: Dance 9:10pm: Closing Circle

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