Bliss Weekend - Christie Lake Camp 2015

 12 June
 Christie Lake Camp
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 Bliss B4 Laundry: Inspirational Events for Mind, Body & Soul
Christie Lake Camp – Perth, Ontario – June 12-14, 2015 Summer is here and you have worked hard all winter. It’s time to getaway with the girls! Join us for a relaxing weekend by the lake at Bliss B4 Laundry’s Wellness Weekend for Women. What is a Bliss weekend all about? Now more than ever women are experts at juggling multi-faceted lives. The demands of work, family and home are often prioritized first leaving no time for self-care. This is where Bliss comes in… Bliss B4 Laundry Wellness Weekends present women with the opportunity to press pause on the busyness of life and pay careful attention to the wisdom within. The focus is to bring awareness, balance and rejuvenation to all aspects of ourselves by exploring mind, body and soul through workshops, discussions, communal cooking, music, social activities and time spent in nature. There are no rules at a Bliss weekend! You can sleep in! You can relax by the lake. You can attend workshops and engage in discussion circles. Or go for a hike and make new friends in the kitchen. You can drum around the camp fire and let loose your inner goddess! Whatever mood strikes you, just go with it! This weekend is about YOU and only you! Register today!

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