16 May
 2205 37th Street, Des Moines, IA 50310
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 Caleb Gabel
Ben is going to be slow roasting a 150lb hog in a hog roaster all day on May 16th in his large fenced in back yard to the sweet sounds of live acoustic music and wants YOU to join him. Preforming on the live stage for 12 hours straight, Ben has booked the following acoustic musicians: • 12pm-3pm Mars Meusic https://www.facebook.com/marsmeusic [check him out by clicking the link above] • 3pm-7pm Trevor Troupe https://www.facebook.com/whenwordsfailmusicspeakstrevortroupe [check him out by clicking the link above] • 7pm to 10pm Nate Nelson Acoustic https://www.facebook.com/natenelsonacoustic [check him out by clicking the link above] • 10pm-12:00am Holy White Hounds https://www.facebook.com/holywhitehounds [check them out by clicking the link above] $10 admission at the door gets you access to: • Keg beer • 7 hours of live music • All you can eat home cooked hog roast • A large, 7 hour long rolling bonfire from a tree Ben cut down with his bare hands • Free camping • Free WiFi • Public restrooms • Paid security Since there are many variables that come into play when determining how long a hog will take to fully cook, it is advised that patrons get here early to enjoy the smells of the roasting hog and get a first crack at eating it. This is a first come first served event. Ben has come up with the following menu for the event: • BBQ pork & coleslaw slider • Traditional slider (pickle, cheddar, pork) • Caramelized red onion & jalapeno slider This will be an ALL AGES event and everyone is welcome, so invite your friends! Since this will be a large event and Ben lives in a small house, Ben has decided that he cannot accommodate guests sleeping in his house. Guests must arrange to car pool, get a ride, tent camp, get a hotel, get a taxi, etc. If anyone needs help finding a hotel, Ben can help you find a very cheap one that is close to his house. If there is enough interest from guests, Ben may stream the Cubs game that starts at 3pm on to a projection screen outside. Hashtag #Springfest if you'll be at the best event of the season! #BKL #Springfest #MarsMeusic #TrevorTroupe #NateNelsonAcoustic #HolyWhiteHounds #HogSoHard #GetPorkd #GRNDN #NoNaps #OinkOinkMotherFucker

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