Bitter Divide & Evyltyde

 06 June
 Merton Manor Club
 76 Kingston Road - SW19 1LA - London - United Kingdom
 Andy-Monkey Reynolds
Two brand new bands to our sacred stage at The Rock Patch Merton Manor. Headliners Bitter Divide are doing great things everywhere else so we just had to have them. Bridging the gap of Rock & Metal beautifully I know all of you will love them as much as we do. Frointed by Mojo on vocals, who just commands respect from the moment you hear him. takes me back to an era when vocalists really had balls and knew how to use them, full of grit and passion. Duelling twin guitars from Si and Dave are superb!! What's nice is they give each other space so you can appreciate both parts, a rarity these days. the heartbeat of the band is driven by Russ on Bass and Ben on drums. As tight as a Duck's posterior, arguably tighter in parts. I will post a link to their Reverbnation page where you can listen to their songs. I think that "Take Me Down" sounds very much in the vein of Opeth, never a band thing as I'm a huge fan of them too m/ Other influences that shine through are Killswitch, a touch of Sabbath with a hint of Black Stone Cherry thrown in for good measure too. All in all a simply great sounding band and this is a must see gig. I know all at The Rock Patch will give them a very well deserved warm welcome. Next up are Evyltyde, we do like female fronted Rock / Metal bands so we carry on the tradition with this very talented band. Fronted by Hannah Delany, absolutely superbly, who's laid back vocals really compliment the music beautifully. This is perfectly demonstrated in "Chastity" which I will put a link up to below. On guitar we have Danny Merton, why have two when you can carry it off on your own!! Sweet picking to his hearts content, really superb stuff, great tone and control, really really enjoyable indeed. you couldn't tell I like guitars at all could you ;oD Driving the band are Isaac on Drums and Paul on Bass, really pumping the blood through the veins. I think we are very lucky indeed to have 2 superb bands on the same night. So please come and show your support to them, it's very rare to have such a great calibre of music on the same bill. We love 'em and we know that you all will too, see you at the bar m/

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