BISHOP OF ST ALBANS LECTURES: Christian Thought and the Christian Life: Loving God with All Our Mind

 08 June
 St Albans Cathedral, Sumpter Yard, AL1 1BY St Albans
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 St Albans Cathedral Study Centre
Date: Monday 8 Jun Time: 7.00pm Cost: £5 Tickets also available on the door. Following his installation as Canon Philosopher at evensong, the Revd Dr Andrew Davison will give his inaugural lecture, as part of the Bishop of St Albans Lecture Series. At St Albans Cathedral we have a strong tradition of wanting to understand and celebrate the intellectual treasures of the Christian tradition. In this inaugural lecture, Dr Davison will look at what it means to love God with our all of our mind, as well as with all of our body, soul and strength. Clearly, intellectual concerns aren’t everything. As The Cloud of Unknowing, one of the most popular of mediaeval mystical texts, puts it: ‘By love may God be got and held, but by knowing, never’. Dr Davison will argue, however, that thinking deeply about the faith need not be opposed to loving God, far from it. Our thinking can kindle our love for God further. With that in mind, he will also consider the neglected role for reason in the evangelistic mission of the church. Tutor: The Revd Dr Andrew Davison, Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge, and Canon Philosopher of St Albans Cathedral Venue: The Lady Chapel, St Albans Cathedral

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