16 May
 Young Dundas Square
  - - Toronto - Canada
 Sari Black
H'ok, SO.... Today in class we did this radical scavenger hunt, and I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaally wanna recreate it (BUT BETTER) for my birthday!!!! Actually, Dar M's birthday is the week before, so we'll be celebrating that too! I will set the list of items to be found/tasks to perform and you can add your own to be reviewed ^_^ Different tasks will be worth different amounts of points and the team who finishes with the most points will win a special prize ;) I want teams of 4 or 5 We will meet at Dundas Square for 8:oo pm, form our teams, give out lists, take a few minutes to strategize, have a drink or three, and then we'll set out!!!! The hunt will begin at 9pm, and each team will have until the stroke of midnight to check off as many points as possible. Points will be deducted if all team members are not present in Dundas square at exactly MIDNIGHT. You can bring friends I don't know as long as they're not fall downs, fuck ups, or cunts Have fun, be respectful, and always ask permission before filming anybody <3

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