18 May
 25901 Emery Rd #112, Cleveland, OH 44128
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 Michael Ramsey
May 18 - 21, 6:00 P.m. - 8:00 p.m. "...I was amazed at the power of the process and how quickly it worked..." "...On the third day, I felt a deep sense of ease I had not felt for a very long time..." "...My outlook was much more optimistic, my energy felt strong again, and I continue to experience tremendous relief emotionally and physically..." "...the first time in 3 years that I am completely off of any medication..." "...By the end of the treatment I felt alive, hopeful and energetic..." "...The end result being absence of inflammation, bruising disappearing literally overnight, return to near full flexibility at that joint, and thus return to work..." "...the cyst did not return, so I canceled my surgery..." FULL TESTIMONIALS & MORE INFO BIOENERGY THERAPY The Domancic Method of bioenergy therapy is a scientifically proven and extremely effective form of hands-on energy healing. This natural, safe and non-invasive form of therapy stimulates your body’s own immune system and activates its natural ability to self-heal. It has helped over a million people in Europe and is now available in the United States at Gateway Healing. The Domancic Method does not address illness, but instead uses specific protocols to restore balance to the physical, mental and emotional energy system, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Amazing results have been experienced with every classified ailment – Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Autism, Migraines, chronic pain, depression, and many more. HOW DOES A HEALING CLINIC WORK? Group healing is the most powerful and dynamic way to receive therapy. The collective group energy magnifies the healing potential. Treatment with the Domancic Method is comprised of four sessions over four consecutive days. The intensive will run approximately two hours each day and each participant will receive an individual session each of the four days. THE DONATIONS Gateway Healing is offering this intensive on a donation basis. We appreciate your generous donations MORE TESTIMONIALS & INFO LIMITED SPACE TO REGISTER CALL MICHAEL 216-389-1804

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