Biodanza Edinburgh Drop in - 4 Week Course. 2. Creativity

 17 May
 LifeCare (Edinburgh) Ltd
 2 Cheyne Street - EH4 1JB - Edinburgh - United Kingdom
 James Stevenson
This course is designed to take people through a journey of the "Lines of Vivencia" - ways in which we grow through Biodanza - culminating in an opportunity to join us in Ibiza in a special Biodanza Holiday in Ibiza. And with a special Workshop on the final line "Transcendence" set for sometime in July. Next up is Creativity on the 17th May - Creativity is the journey that takes raw potential from chaos and moves it towards higher order and form. As humans we are not separate from this process, Rolando Toro the creator of Biodanza describes us as “the message, the creature and the creator" - so what we put out into the world must be integrated with who and what we are inside. By strengthening our system at this core level, we provide strong foundations for our life. The energy generated from this powerfully manifests in building our lives and dreams and when increased fills and defines you. It is the energy we need to truly and fully fulfil ourselves. Next Dates: Sunday 10th May - Vitality Sunday 17th May - Creativity Sunday 24th May - Sexuality Sunday 31st May - Affectivity Regular Biodanza classes are an amazing way to de-stress, have fun, connect to others and start to really bring a sense of joy and aliveness into your life. You don’t have to be physically fit, there are no steps to learn and it’s suitable for all ages. It is scientifically designed to make you feel good and experience: Vitality and Joy ******** Social Connection Deep Relaxation ****** Creative Expression Intimacy and Contact ** Health & Wellbeing Love and Support Biodanza helps stimulate your growth and expansion in 5 ways. These are based on core aspects of our developmental path from or very earliest experiences and are extremely important for our enjoyment of life. These are Vitality, Affectivity, Creativity, Sexuality and Transcendence - more about these can be read on the website So come join in and dance with us on Sundays at the Life Care Centre in Stockbridge. Bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes and an open attitude to really celebrate your life! As Biodanza is about connection we will also be gathering in a local place afterwards for refreshments and chat. Price: £10 /£8 (concs) Block booking of just £30 for all 4 classes. Time: 6-8pm (please arrive 5.45 so we can start prompt at 6pm). Venue: Life Care Centre, 2 Cheyne St, Edinburgh EH4 1JB Contact: James for more information on 07795 422 664 or look at

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