BioBlitz in Radnorshire

 07 June
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 Megan Shersby
Provisional (hopefully likely) date of Sunday 7th June. Location: Llanbwchllyn Lake Nature Reserve. Target taxon groups: Inverts (including moths, and aquatic inverts), mammals, others currently TBC. A number of people have mentioned that they would love to visit Gilfach, so I am suggesting that we do that on the Saturday since Gilfach is huge and a couple of hours wouldn't do it justice. I'm looking into possible accommodation for Saturday night. This may be limited to a certain number of people, and once I know that (and hopefully other details such as cost/type of accommodation), it will be on a first come, first serve basis. Just to forewarn you. Any comments, questions etc are welcome. If you think you might be able to run a short session on a taxon group / surveying method, I would very much welcome hearing from you about that. NB: I will have stopped working for the Trust by then (boo), but intend to continue co-ordinating the AFON-side of the event / liaise with the Trust, and hopefully attend!

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