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 Karakoram High way, Fairy Meadow,Skardu, Shigar, Khaplu, DeoSai & Astore Valley.
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 GKT Adventure Pakistan
Bik Adventure Biking in Northern parts of Pakistan is a spectacular adventure among the snow-caped mountains, through the fertile lands and lash green valleys. Our Programs run along fabulous mountain valleys on the paved and un-paved trails. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trip Name:- Bike Adventure Destinations:- KKH,Fairy Meadow, Gilgit-Skardu High way, Khaplu Valley, Shigar valley,Dea Sai plateau Chilim Valley & Astore Valley. Duration:- 14 days Age group:- 17 years onwards experienced Accommodation:- Hotel & camping Transportation:- High roof,Jeeps & Bikes Best time:- April to October Max altitude:- 4000 Meters Minium Group Size: 08 to 10 people Cost per Person:... only -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Itinerary Day01:- Arrival at Islambad & transfer to Hotel. Islamabad had an estimated population of around 1.67 million in 2011[3] which according to the estimate of Population Census Organization will rise to around 2 million in 2020.[4] Urdu, the national language of the country, is predominantly spoken within the city due to the ethnic mix of populations.[citation needed] Pothwari is also widely spoken, as is English. The mother tongue of the majority of the population is Punjabi, at 68%. 15% of the population are native Sindhi speakers, 10% are native Pashto speakers, and 8% speak other languages.[64] The total migrant population of the city is 1 million, with the majority (691,977) coming from Punjab. Around 210,614 of the migrated population came from Sindh and rest from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir. Smaller populations emigrated from Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Balochistan, and Gilgit–Baltistan.[65]View Detail Day02:-Drive from Islamabad to Chilas over night stay at hotel in Chilas. Day03:-Biking to Fairy Meadow overnight stay at hut at fairy meadow. Fairy Meadow pictures Day04:- Biking to Shigus overnight stay at Shingus hotel. Day05:- Biking to Skardu city overnight hotel at Skardu. Skardu, along with Gilgit, are the two major tourism, trekking and expedition hubs in Gilgit–Baltistan. The mountainous terrain of the region, including four of the world's 14 Eight-thousander peaks (8,000 m and above), attracts the attention of tourists, trekkers and mountaineers from around the world. The main tourist season is from April to October; except this time, the area can be cut off for extended periods by the snowy, freezing winter weather.Veiw Detail Day06:- Biking to khaplu Valley overnight stay at hotel in khaplu Khaplu is the eastern most part of Baltistan. It was the second largest kingdom in old Baltistan. The town of Khaplu is the capital of Ghangche District in Gilgit-Baltistan. It guarded the trade route to Ladakh along the Shyok river. The Shyok River divides the valley into two halves. The valley has steeper slopes and there is lesser land available than in other valleys in Baltistan.View Detail Day07:- Biking to shigar Valley & night stay at guest house in Chotron Shigar valley. The original Fong-Khar was founded on top of a platform which rises 5m from the ground and partly surrounds a gigantic cone-shaped rock (thus, the origins of the name, Fong-Khar, or “Palace on the Rock”). Although the Old Fort-Palace as it is now restored appears to be one structure, upon closer examination, it is actually a collection of three separate buildings, built adjacent to each other in different times and with different engineering and workmanship. During the restoration of the site, these three structures were identified as Modules I, II, and III.View Detail Day08:- Biking to return to Skardu city night stay at hotel in skardu. Day09:- Rest day at Skardu Day10:- Biking to Deosai plain overnight stay at camp in Deasai. موسمِ گرما کی ایک دوپہر میں دیوسائی کی گھنی خاموشی میں کیمرے کا شٹر گرا تو دھماکا سا سنائی دیا۔ شور صدیوں سے ٹھہری ہوئی چپ فضا میں دور تک سرایت کرتا گیا۔ مارموٹوں کے کان کھڑے ہو گئے، لہلہاتی گھاس اور جنگلی پھول سہم کے اپنی جگہ رک گئے اور چشمِ تخّیل نے دیکھا کہ دور کہیں ماده ریچھ نے اپنے بچے کو آغوش میں بھر لیا۔ سورج بھی بدلی کی اوٹ میں جا چھپا تو میں شرمنده ہو کر گھاس پر بیٹھ گیا۔ کچھ دیر بعد سورج بدلی کی اوٹ سے یوں جھانکا جیسے دخل اندازی کرنے والے کا سراغ لگا رہا ہو۔ پھول پھر سے لہلہانے لگے، مارموٹ اپنے بِل چھوڑ کر گھاس میں کودنے لگے، ریچھ نے شتوں نالے میں قدم رکھا اور مچھلی کی بو لینے لگا۔ دیوسائی میں معمولات بحال ہونے لگے تو میں کیمرا سمیٹ کر چل دیا۔ ہمالیہ کے دامن میں واقع دیوسائی دنیا کا سب سے بلند اور اپنی نوعیت کا واحد پہاڑی میدان ہے جو اپنے کسی بھی مقام پر 4000 میٹر سے کم بلند نہیں۔ سال کے 8 ماہ یہ مقام برف سے ڈھکا رہتا ہے مگر حیرت کی بات یہ ہے کہ گرمیوں کے 4 مہینوں میں پہاڑی ڈھلوانوں اور گھاٹیوں پر مشتمل 3000 مربع کلومیٹر کے اس قدرے ہموار میدانوں کی زمین پر ہزار ہا رنگ کے شوخ جنگلی پھول تو جابجا کھلتے ہیں، مگر کہیں ایک بھی درخت نہیں ملتا۔ Day11:- Biking to Chilim Valley overnight at camp in Chilim valley. Day12:- Biking to Astore overnight at hotel in Astore. Day13:- Biking to Chilas overnight stay at hotel in Chilas. Day14:-Drive back to Islamabad & departure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dates 1st group: 21 May 2015 to 03 june 2015 2nd group:06 June 2015 to 19 June 2015 3rd group: 24 June 2015 to 07 July 2015 4th group: 24 July 2015 to 06 August 2015 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Does this Include? Price includes: :- Islamabad to return Islamabad(coach, jeep & Bikes) :-Double room in Chilas, Skardu, Khaplu, chotron & Astore :-All meals in Hotels :- Camps,Camp foods and Bridge charges :-Adventure Guide, Cook & Assistant -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price excludes: :-International flight tickets and Cargo charges :-Personnel clothing and equipment :-Medication :-Beverages and Soft drinks :-Staff tips -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Bank Account information will be provide on request -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact for Booking and more info GKT(group of companies) WEB SITES

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