BIG SHOALS / (the) dead sea flowers / James Mullis

 02 June
 The Nick 2514 10th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205
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BIG SHOALS Rock/Americana from Gainesville FL Hailing from the deep South in Gainesville, FL, Big Shoals has staked their claim as a serious band with a range that goes from a loud roar to a beautiful whisper. With thought provoking lyrics and songs that stick in your mind and hold on for days, the crowd always walks away wanting more. Lance Howell Jacob Riley Michael Claytor (the) dead sea flowers psychedelic / rock / noise from Birmingham AL (the) DEAD SEA FLOWERS offer no biographical information, preferring instead to let the music speak for itself After nearly two years of releasing material digitally, the group are organizing material for release on vinyl via Lathelight Ltd members: arc, sea, j additionally (the) VANGUARD FLOWERS perform (the) DEAD SEA FLOWERS James Mullis Folk / Blues from Birmingham AL James Mullis is a musician known for his unique blend of modern-day folk and soft blues. Even as a child, James attempted to serenade anyone who would listen. His mother can tell you many stories of his childhood fame manifested at their local market. His favorite tune to perform for fellow shoppers was "Take It Easy" by the Eagles. James' passion for music peeked when he heard James Taylor for the first time and soon after he took it upon himself to find his own voice. He received his first guitar as a Christmas present from his Aunt when he was 15 years old and hasn't put it down since. His raw talent transitioned quickly and James found himself playing for friends, family, and shortly after, his first live performance at a Biker Rally in Luverne, Alabama. James has played countless live shows for many venues including bars, restaurants, cafés, charity events, festivals, galleries, and parties. Currently, James resides in Birmingham, Alabama and is pursuing his dreams at full force. He will release his first album, "Thick With Thieves," this August.

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