Berlin meets Stapari (with Stereochemistry + Biljana Bosnjakovic)

 22 May
 Ma Thilda
 Wildenbruchstraße 68 - 12045 - Neukölln - Germany
 The Gumbo
Berlin meets Stapari (with Stereochemistry + Biljana Bosnjakovic) A night of music, stand up comedy, reading and photography dedicated to Stapari Summer Fest 2015! Stapari is a tiny village, hidden in the mountains near Uzice, Serbia, just a few miles of the Bosnian border. Immersed in unspoiled nature, Stapari will host its first international arts festival this upcoming summer, from 26.07. 2015 till 02.08. 2015, with an aim to bring the youth and life back to the village, as well as to promote an eco-sustainable countryside tourism. This evening at Ma Thilda bar, we'll tell you the stories of Stapari and the festival through means of music, stand up comedy, readings, photography. Biljana Bosnjakovic, a Verona-based performing artist, originally from the very Stapari, will present a photography exhibition of the village, followed by a reading. Miss Stereochemistry, a Berlin-based globetrotting alien music-stand up-cabaret muse, will entertain you with an acoustic indie folk pop set beforehand. Together, we will take you on a little tour to the mountains of Eastern Europe, by means of art. Consider it a teleportation. Moreover, if you are nature-nostalgic, balkan-loving open-minded artist of any kind and would like to take part in this mission, you are more then welcome to come over and let us know. The details on participation, artistic offer, duration, travel, accommodation, etc will be explained during the evening! Zdravo Berlin, meet Stapari… (this is just a hint!) ---------- Hosts: Karla Stereochemistry + Biljana Bosnjakovic Stereochemistry Stereochemistry is a perfect expression of multiculturalism and interactive arts blend, brought out by means of music, stand up comedy and cabaret, in five languages. Founded by Karla Hajman, an ex scientist who left her doctoral studies to dedicate herself full time to arts, Stereochemistry is a globetrottering one-woman show, whose satirical and thought-provoking messages touch anything from sex to politics, religion, society, love, depression and anything else that comprises a complicated yet fascinating life on planet Earth. All of it presented through a perspective of an alien accidentally landed on the globe, trying to make their way and understand the human specie. Guitar, ukulele, piano, vocals and a loop station. More about the artist: Biljana Bosnjakovic Born in Serbia in the small town of Uzice, Biljana Bosnjakovic moved to Rome in 1992 and has lived and worked in Verona since 2002. An extremely versatile artist, Biljana continuously experiments with a variety of techniques to express her concerns and torments and without ever dwelling on a single medium. She moves from photography to performance art, from sculpture to video art, where she coordinates, curates and creates every single achievement. Video camera is an extension of her own body, which Biljana doesn't spare of anything during her memorable performances. More about the artist: Serbia 2014: un viaggio inaspettato.

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