13 June
 Ethel S. Vance Park
  - 39645 - Liberty - United States
 Jenny McMillan Hucabee
MRS SHIRLEY WAS DIAGNOSED WITH ALS TWO YEARS AGO. ALL PROFITS FROM THE TOURNAMENT WILL GO DIRECTLY TO HER AND HER FAMILY TO HELP WITH MEDICAL EQUIPMENT COSTS, REQUIRED 24 HOUR IN-HOME CARE, AND ADDITIONAL MEDICAL COSTS NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE. SHE ALSO HAS A GOFUNDME PAGE AT WWW.GOFUNDME.COM TITLE SHIRLEY'S FIGHT AGAINST ALS. TOURNAMENT RULES This coed softball tournament will be raising money for East Union Baptist Church youth group. RULES 1. Each team must have 3 girls and 7 guys. You may play with 11 if the extra is a girl. 2. If you have an extra batter(who is a guy) you must have one of each gender (8guys/4girls) or bat 11 if your extra batter is a girl 3. You must stagger your batting order (girl/guy) until girls are gone 4. You may have a 15 year old or younger guy play in place of a girl but only 1 per team 5. Batters will start with a 1 ball and 1 strike count. You will get one courtesy foul 6. Games will be 55 minutes or 7 innings. 7. You must have one girl in the infield, 1 girl in the outfield, and either a girl pitching or catching 8. If a guy is walked the girl behind him can choose to walk also, and the guy will be awarded 2nd base. 9. 15 run rule after 4 innings, 10 run rule after 5 innings 10. 3 homerun limit, every homerun exceeding 3 will be an out. You may purchase up to 3 extra homeruns prior to game start for $5 each. 11. You must provide your own softballs. Softballs need to be.12" with 44 core no greater than 375 compression 12. No senior league bats allowed 13. Pinch runners must be of the same gender 14. Entry Fee is $175 per team. To register a team you can contact Jenny McMillan Hucabee at 601-248-5294 by calling or texting. Deadline to register a team is Thursday June 11, 2015 at 5 pm. Will try to get bracket made Thursday night and let you know time of your first game

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