06 June
 Steuben County Veterans Memorial - VFW
  - 14810 - Bath - United States
 Jolynn Haight
Rhonda Longacre was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She is an amazing woman...with a selfless attitude... & has heart of gold. Rhonda has been a daycare provider for almost 30 years... Teaching...guiding... & Loving Every child like her very own. Due to her diagnosis, Rhonda has been unable to work. Her husband Kent Longacre has taken time off work to be by her side every step of the way. This benefit is to help with medical expenses & other expenses that will occur along Rhondas Road To Recovery!!! More information to follow....NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!! Anyone interested is helping... donating...etc. Please Contact Jolynn Haight @ 607-368-1519

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