Beijing VolunTour

 20 May
 Beijing, China
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 WorldVentures Foundation
May 20-25 One of the world’s oldest and biggest cities, Beijing is an epic metropolis that buzzes with excitement, history and culture. Few places can match the historical wonders of this city, boasting six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Great Wall. With its ancient landmarks, famed architecture and cultural influences, Beijing is a city like no other. Team up with Globe Aware and make a difference in this city by performing critically important volunteer work. Globe Aware is a nonprofit organization that arranges volunteer activities to promote cultural awareness, as well as sustainability. On this VolunTour, you will be working alongside Globe Aware and the WorldVentures Foundation to improve a nonprofit middle school for migrant children. And, while you’re here, you will also get to enjoy a day at the Great Wall of China. There’s no better feeling than giving back—see for yourself on this life-changing VolunTour in Beijing.

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