Beginner Hoof trimming class

 16 May
 Gerbitz Quarterhorses- Tampico, IL
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 Ida Hammer
This class is geared toward the horse owner that would like to trim their own horses, but doesn't know where to start. It is also the first class after the Exploring the Equine Hoof to take toward getting a Certificate of completion. Classes begin at 9am and end around 5pm usually later. Each class will cover the instructor trimming a cadaver hoof step by step. Explaining the hoof structure and the parts of the hoof. After the instructor is done trimming each part of the hoof, each student will trim their hoof. Students are encouraged to take before and after pictures of their hooves, to compare the finished product to their starting hoof. After the trim we will break for lunch. After lunch we will begin dissecting a hoof. Each structure will be observed and it's purpose will be discussed. Classes are kept small for maximum learning. Horse Owner Beginner Trimming and Hoof Anatomy Costs. The cost for this class is $250.00 which includes lunch and the cadaver leg. The cost for auditors will be $125.00 which includes lunch. A 50% deposit is required to hold a spot in class. Often times students feel they would like to come back after applying what they have learned. Classes are offered at 1/2 price to those persons that have already attended the class. (offer only applies to class participated in) See calendar for complete list of upcoming classes What you need to bring. farriers chaps hoof pick* rubber coated gloves* hoof knife* farriers rasp* nippers* *Available for purchase singularly or by kit. - Email or phone me for orders. Sometimes the hooves may get smelly. If you are sensitive to this bring vicks for your nose. Reading Pete Ramey's "Making Natural Hoof Care Work For You" is highly recommended. Better yet order Pete's "Under the Horse"DVD from: To register for a class email me at:

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