Beauty Begins in the Garden--Herb Walk

 23 May
 Town of Pickens
  - 39146 - Pickens - United States
 Pure Ciné
Walk the land with Earcine Evans to learn about some of the plants our ancestors utilized for wellness on the inside and out. Learn crucial growing skills to bring these plant allies into your daily life. Your family can benefit from these plants in a variety of ways including; spices, teas, tonics, salves, tinctures, etc. $12 per person. (RSVP Required) Children 17 and under are free. You'll have an opportunity to learn to recognize herbs that are already naturally growing in your yard and some of their uses. You'll have a chance to sample and purchase products from our Pure Ciné Biodynamically grown all natural Hair and Skin Care line of products. #BeautyInTheGarden

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