Beautiful Star Frozen double judged and double prizes Pageant

 31 May
 Corydon Jamboree
  - 47112 - Corydon - United States
 Alanna Carmichael Fowler
How it Works! -Contestants will go on stage once for beauty and once for OOC! There will be 2 sets of judges! So 2 sets of score sheets means double the prizes! Yes that's right! Costs! $80.00 for Both! So for just $80.00 your child will get DOUBLE THE PRIZES!! How exciting! $30 deposit 1st set of prizes Ultimate Grand Supreme, Grand Supreme, Mini Supreme, and Beauty Supreme! I will crown a Queen and Princess in each division! Runner Ups receive a crown as well! 1 Side Award per division is included in price: Best Personality 2nd set of prizes 1 Side Award per division - Prettiest Eyes Queen-Princess-King-Prince in each division. Division winners will win a BEAUTIFUL Crown and Sash. Runner ups will get a crown. Boy/Girl - Mini Star Supreme, Star Supreme, Super Star Supreme (Wins Crown, Sash and trophy) Ultimate Star Supreme (Wins Crown, Sash, and trophy) No One Walks Away Empty Handed Overall Optionals are: $15 Best Personality Prettiest Smile Prettiest Eyes Most Photogenic (submit 5x7 Horizontal picture day of event)

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