Beautiful Patience: Tafseer Surat Yusuf

 05 June
 Hilton Hotel Charlemont
 Charlemont Place - - Dublin - Ireland
 AlMaghrib Institute Ireland
Picture It…The stars, the moon and the sun, prostrating…A young boy loved dearly by his father…11 brothers murderous with envy…a dark and scary well…a caravan of slave drivers…a man of power…a desperate wife…a king….an enigma of a dream… And from it all emerges one great man! Do you want to learn how to speak with purpose? Surat Yusuf will teach you. Do you want to learn how to incorporate more patience in your life? Surat Yusuf will teach you how. Do you want to learn Leadership skills and how to take initiative? Surat Yusuf will teach you how. Do you want to realize the value of honesty in your life and never tell another lie? Surat Yusuf will teach you how. Do You want to Learn How to Exalt the favors of Allah SWT in Your Life? Then You Want to Register Now for Tafseer Surat Yusuf NOW! Scholarships are now available. Email Deadline to apply 22/5/2015 Crèche facility available on Saturday and Sunday. Limited places available. Email ************************************************ ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Shaykh Reda Bedeir, PhD, carries a life-time worth of achievements. From the land of Egypt, he was invited by the University of Calgary to teach Qur’anic Classical Arabic, and also served as an Imam for the Calgary Islamic Centre. He then moved to Burnaby, BC to serve as Imam the Muslim Chaplain at Simon Fraser University. Shaykh Reda holds two Bachelor's degrees, one in Islamic Sciences with AlAzhar Univeristy, one Masters degree, and a Ph.D with AlAzhar University in Applied Linguistics and Tafsir of Surat Yusuf. He has learned under prominent shuyukh such as: Dr. Sayed Noah, Sh. Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq, Dr. Salah As-Sawy, Dr. Muhammad Yusri and Dr. Abdullah Barakat. He currently serves as a sessional Instructor in the Interdisciplinay Studies Program of Religious Studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

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