Beat the IRS legally with your taxes done RIGHT!!

 16 May
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 Snowe Saxman
Tax REFUND season is now open!! Have your taxes done professionally the FIRST time!! Did you know that almost a BILLION dollars goes unclaimed in tax refunds or mistakes in tax returns almost every year? Did you know that 90% of people overpay taxes every year? Did you know that you can go back 3 years to "fix" your incorrect taxes and still receive any extra refund? I am Snowe Saxman Master Business Consultant, Tax Strategist & Coach and I help entrepreneurs create, manage & multiply money through strategic tax planning, accounting management and business mastery! I have been helping people with their taxes for 17+ years! I am a registered paid tax preparer & e-file provider with the IRS. My team and I are ready to help you BEAT THE IRS LEGALLY with your taxes done right! I specialize in networking marketing, internet marketers, MLM, direct sales, at home businesses, traditional brick & mortar businesses, Real Estate & Insurance agents, Coaches, Speakers, Authors, CEO entrepreneurs, Non Profits, 1099 earners, hair stylists, salon owners, self employed, single moms, Real Estate owners and more! I have TONS of referrals and recommendations of people who I fixed other CPA's and Accountants messes, I settled thousands of dollars in taxes owed to the IRS or they received more money back than ever before with my services! GUARANTEED!!! Private message me for a free tax check up & review of last years taxes!! A couple testimonies. Ask me for more!! I was VERY concerned about taxes this year and this amazing lady saved me over $10,000 in taxes this year!!---Amy Titmus Snowe is one of those people that I think everyone should have in their lives especially if you are a business owner. Snowe has helped me tremendously in the almost past two years that I have known her. She helped me put together my LLC/smart Corp the correct way, Her knowledge of business, how to run a business and how to use your business to get you huge tax breaks are one of a kind. I am being totally honest that if I did not use Snowe and her skills and professionalism, Me and my business would definitely be in trouble and I would be lost. I count my blessings every day and Snowe is one of them! If you are thinking about using Snowe’s services for your business then there is nothing else to think about and time to do it. Time is money and Snowe knows all about money and how to save you a ton of it. ALOHA Snowe for all you do!! Moku Correa Need more information so we can get your taxes done, just message me today!!!

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