Beach Barbecue

 17 May
 Portobello, United Kingdom
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 Maria Herz
Following our wonderful Summer Dance the day before, we would also like to invite you to come along to our Beach Barbecue (and hopefully the weather will be exactly as our dance prophesises)! The day will include a lot of laughter, fun and generally getting wet. For our wonderful president I have just three words: Bring a towel. You will need it. ;) Important Information: When: Sunday 17th May 12:00 onwards Where: Portobello Beach On the day, transport will be organised (public transport essentially) for all those wishing to congragate in the city and then invade the beach in one large group. For more information on this, please keep a close eye on this event - I will post something once we get closer to the date itself. Also, while New Scotland will provide the actual BBQ's and the buns and sauces, we would like to ask you to bring any other food with you - hopefully to share around but if not then that's okay too. Essentially, you'll have to bring along most of your food yourself. And on that note, if anyone has any BBQ's, please bring them along, it would make my job infinitely easier if you did and then let me know that you will. And if you have actually read through all of that, congratulations! (And please do come.) Any further questions should please by directed to :)

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