Be Your Own Brand

 30 May
 Padova Hotel, Horch Tabet, Sin El Fil, Beirut - Lebanon
  - - Beirut - Lebanon
 Milad Hadchiti
“Be your Own Brand” is an hands-on interactive workshop providing you skills in personal branding and knowledge on how to build and cultivate your own brand and manage your reputation in person and online. In this workshop, you will walk away with a personalized toolkit and resources that will enable you to discover and articulate your brand. You will own tools to market your true authentic and leave people wanting for more. What are the benefits? With “Be Your Own Brand” workshop, you will: Understand yourself better Leverage your brand Develops executive presence Stand out from the crowd Advance your personal and professional goals Add value to your own personality Propel your business and career forward Become an authority or leader in your field Have more chances of success in your life Connect authentically to your target audience Declare your mission and unique value proposition Improve your image and build your reputation Increase your visibility in person and online Differentiate yourself from your competitors Strengthen your confidence and boost your self-esteem What will you learn? Recognize the importance of a personal brand Define your personal core four: values, passions, purposes and target audience Understand your personal style in terms of your personal brand Create your personal brand statement (mission and vision) Build a personal brand through key steps Set and live your personal brand standards Create your own compelling success story Take ownership of your image online and in person Manage your reputation Build credibility and trust by living your brand The truth is that we all have a personal brand but have you consciously developed the personal brand that you have? How are you managing it? Are you using it to your advantage? In a fast-paced competitive market, a strong and consistent personal brand is key to creating new opportunities for your life and your career or business. Personal branding, which means presenting yourself as a brand to the outside world, can certainly be a powerful tool for success.

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