Be Inspired - Kizomba and Semba workshops with Eddy Vents & Lucia

 06 June
 Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University, B7 4BL.
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 James Kizomba Shaolin Chong
BREAKING NEWS - Lucia Nogueira will be joining Eddy Vents on Saturday June 6th for the Be Inspired Kizomba and Semba workshops - please do NOT miss this! ******************************************************************* The next Be Inspired workshop will be with my biggest inspiration in kizomba. My teacher Mr Eddy Vents. Since I took my first class with Eddy it changed my whole outlook on kizomba and since that day, the dance, the music, it became so much more beautiful to me. Since that day Eddy and I became good friends, and we went on to experience some great things in Birmingham together... I loved Eddy's lessons at Fredericks and subsequently we went on to have a great night every Wednesday at Stirlings which featured three hours of lessons and a midweek party. I felt this was a significant time in the growth of kizomba in Birmingham. After each Wednesday I spent many hours speaking with Eddy and all I can say is he would never stop talking about kizomba - with a PASSION! Following that was the birth of Tabanka which was created from the mastermind of Eddy and Tina - Kizomba Oxford) and what a great great party that is! We had some crazy times including times when we were left without a venue at the last minute! However, I was determined to do whatever I could to support Eddy and always came up with a solution... And why did I do this? Well, it's simple, the guy inspired me so much it is impossible to put Into, there is nobody more fitting than Eddy, to bring to Be Inspired on Saturday June 6th. I am hoping this workshop receives much support as Eddy is one of the most repeated teachers out there so let's make this one to remember! On the day there will be three lessons, of which, details will follow..... The workshop will be held in the dance studios at Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University, B7 4BL. There is plenty of parking available around the sports centre and there is a car park right next to the sports centre for just £1 all day on Saturday. Here is a video of workshops I've organised with Isa Belle :) ★Accommodation★ Hotels are reasonably priced and I will put some information here soon :) ★ Car Parking ★ It is best to use the car park adjacent to the sport centre - it is £1 for the entire day. Please note that the on road parking is for a maximum of two hours only - so it is best to use the car park ★Prices★ Passes available now and June Sedução combinations available: Workshop Pass - £18 (Early Bird) Workshop and Seducao Party Pass - £25.50

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