Bboy Ynot- Rock Steady Crew (USA) - Hong Kong Workshop 2015

 16 May
 Youth Outreach 協青社
 香港西灣河聖十字徑2號 2 Holy Cross Path, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong - - Sai Wan Ho - Hong Kong
 BBOY Bigki
日期:5月16日 地點:待定 時間: 1600 - 1730 workshop (basic) , 1900 -2030 workshop (adv) 費用:每節$120/1人 提提大家,交左錢,確認才成功報名。 請於5月12日前過數,5月13日交當作WALKIN 計算。 WALK IN $200 1節課. 報名方法:請先留名,同電話號碼,請注明上邊節,再PM 索取銀行帳號過數。 Ynot 簡介: Anthony DeNaro a.k.a. Ynot is one of a small number of Bboys today that carry inside them what many believe to be the “true essence” of the dance. The Philadelphia representative started out as a jazz musician who discovered the music of James Brown and Hip Hop culture soon after. He quickly got deep into the dancing aspect of it (b-boyin') and became a student of Rock Steady Crew's Crazy Legs and Mr. Wiggles. Ynot then joined up with the Rock Steady Crew and has traveled all over the world representing the artform! He is most known for his rhythmic approach which has earned him respect from his peers and pioneers of the dance. Through his humble nature and love of the art form he focuses on traveling and teaching workshops in studios and schools across the U.S. and the world. Ynot has built up a reputation as an inspirational dancer of today and dedicates his time to sharing the knowledge he has gained on his path through his career.

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