Battle of the Brains 2 - Bigger, Better, Brainier

 02 June
 Trinity Bar
 505 Crown St - 2010 - Sydney - Australia
 Gennarosity Abroad
Following the success of last year's Battle of the Brains charity trivia night, we had no choice but to decide on it becoming an annual feature in our Gennarosity Abroad events line-up! Henceforth, Gennarosity Abroad cordially invites you, along with your family and friends, to join us for Battle of the Brains 2: Bigger, Better, Brainier, to help raise funds for Grandma Jenny's Training Centre (GJTC). This year the night will be hosted by the hugely talented Thinker Entertainment at Trinity Bar, Surry Hills. The night will be a fun filled and brain busting trivia tournament, with prizes for the top 3 teams. And just to make matters a little more interesting, this year we will be introducing some new game rules, including, buying answers and auctioning off bonus questions. So if you can't come equipped with knowledge, then we suggest you bring your wallet! Please refer to the following for your "How To Guide" to get prepared for Gennarosity Abroad's Battle of the Brains; Charity Pub Trivia: 1) Join the event and save the date. Click through and join the event and remember to mark in your calendars that Tuesday 2 June 2015 is going to be the night of all trivia nights. 2) Invite friends and family, and build a team. Share the event with family and friends. As always, the more the merrier! We suggest you get a good team of 5-6 people to bring for the night (did you read above where we mentioned there will be prizes for the top 3 teams? Because there will be, so buddy up smart!). And don't forget to think of a good team name for the night! 3) Bring $20 with you for entry on the evening. Each team member will need to bring $20 for entry on the evening, so remember to bring some cash to get in, and maybe a little extra for some food and drinks (see point 5). 4) Make sure you know where to go. Battle of the Brains will be held at Trinity Bar, which is 505 Crown Street, Surry Hills. 5) Make sure you make it in time for dinner, and drinks, and trivia, oh my! The event will start at 6.30pm. Just in time to make sure you are fed and watered and in the perfect state for trivia competing. So come and join us for some wining and dining, where a further $2 from every drink purchase made on the evening will be donated to the charity!! 6) What you need to know about Grandma Jenny's Training Centre (GTJC). The night will be the second fundraiser this year, designed to help support GJTC which provides a free service to impoverished, underprivileged, and uneducated women and girls in Africa. They learn the following basic skills of: sewing, English, Swahili, mathematics, financial literacy, health education, and are also provided counselling sessions. GJTC aims to equip these women and girls in Africa with the knowledge and confidence to build themselves a better future. Along with your help, we want to give them the opportunity to become strong women of the heart and mind, and give them the chance to put their best asset forward; themselves. To read more about the work going on at GTJC, click on the following link: Or have a look at the photos of how our women and girls are doing: As always we can't wait to see you there. The night should be a blast!

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