Bass Fishing - The Needles>Bridge Reef - Lymington Lazy Heron

 07 June
 Lymington, United Kingdom
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 Ed Fishing
This trip is now FULL. 7TH JUNE: Fishing with Rob Thompson on the Lazy Heron Ltd out of Lymington. At the end of last year Simon said, "I'm done with organising trips, it's too much hassle" but, luckily for the group he is back organising another one. Going: 1: Simon (Organiser) 2. Stephen Lurefishing (Paid) 3. Simon+1 (Paid) 4. Simon +2 (Paid) 5. Richard Fisher, (Paid) 6. Jons Fishing (Paid) 06:45 > ? Cost is £83.33 To be paid to Simon as a paypal gift so not transfer costs are applied. Micro Jigging Australia and casting heavy plastic shads and sandeels. If you can't make the trip we will try and find someone to take your place and return your money if we can't find someone to replace you then you will lose your money. If the trip is cancelled by the skipper you will get a 100% refund.

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