Basic Survival Course

 16 May
 Montoursville, PA, United States
  - 17754 - -
Course description: This 2 day course is designed to train you on the survival priorities, survival gear and its uses, and to teach you bushcraft skills that will help you overcome the elements in an actual wilderness survival situation. This is an overnight course and you will be in the field the entire time. The course will be held in Lycoming County, PA. All students will also receive a free set of K12 Pocket Survival cards and fire-starter kit. LOCATION: Montoursville, PA DATE: May 16-17 TIME:START time is 0900 on the 16th and ends at 1500 on the 17th COST: $295 Topics that will be covered: • Survival Mindset • Wilderness first aid • Shelter- how to select a location and build a survival shelter • Water - How to find and purify water • Fire - Modern and primitive fire craft • Food – Primitive Traps, wild edible plants, insects, and you will dispatch, clean and cook small game • Signal - Visual (signal mirror) and audio signals • How to build a survival kit • How to use your cell phone as a survival kit • The many uses of a paracord survival bracelet • Primitive tools Gear list: -BACKPACK: -IFAK -All Weather Tarp or poncho -Sleep system -Shemagh -Appropriate season clothing -(2) One liter water bottles -Canteen / stainless steel cup -Water purification tablets or Water filter -Flint rod (ferro-rod) -Matches -(3) meals and snacks -Signal Mirror -Whistle -Knife (fixed blade preferred) -Multi-Tool -50 ft Paracord -Headlamp -Baby wipes -Hand sanitizer -Insect/Tick repellent -Notebook -Camera -Any gear you want to try out Use Promo code: ZERTPA when registering Register at:

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