++Barefoot Pete++Suga Lu++TMPAS cOuRt++Open Stage + deep philosophical rantings and scrambled eggs!

 15 May
 The Old Courthouse Theatre
 81-99 Sturt St. - 4810 - Townsville - Australia
 Laurence Backer
oh yeahh, the Ones and Only's...our spotlight featured Musically enlighted artists - BAREFOOT PETE plus SUGA LU Barefoot Pete recently launched his new EP walking on Strings at 8One, now as a duo he's bringing to Court his intimate and rhythmic guitar/vocal journeys https://soundcloud.com/barefoot-pete/your-loss We'll be kicking off the Double feature with Suga Lu who has just returned from her capacity CD launch down in the Sunny Coast, Joined by Christo to make da soulful magic happen....Music is in the Courthouse air. https://www.facebook.com/sugalu?fref=ts We'll be looking to do another Live Internet stream of the show again this week. you can follow it on www.spaceville.space There will be two stages at Court, feel free to drop in and have a jam on the Verandah 'soap box' and put your name down for the performance opportunity of a lifetime inside...15 minutes to delight and ignite!!! register at 6.30pm The nepalese dumplings will be there in force, the bar will be liquifying right before your eyes and famous people in their own lunchboxes will be appearing spontaneously! DJ Sharne maybe just about ready to bring out his dual-laser climate, which we will wait for with bated breath https://www.facebook.com/DJ.Sharne?fref=ts The Krause-meister, may surprise us with his Paul Krause exhuberance, it's only a rumour Mr Joel Tann may appear for one night only, even the luxurious Pandy Andy Andrew Lucas has threatened to be in court. What can go wrong.

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