29 May
 DUG THEATRE at Western Washington University
  - - -
 Shane Patrick Hoffmann
Partners Productions Presents BARE: A POP OPERA! The musical is about the coming-of-age story of five high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school. Knowing their stay in this insular world is drawing to a close, each of them question where they are in their lives and what the future holds in store. Answers are sought in the church confessional and in less formal venues including a stage, a rave, and a well-locked dorm room. The story zooms in on the love relationship between two boys, Peter and Jason. Peter a socially awkward loner and Jason the golden boy popular jock. Through out the story we see the struggles, trials and tribulations that they go through to keep their relationship alive and hidden, and how their love affects their friends and the people around them. Will the world accept them? This is a beautiful story of going against adults, religion and more. CAST: Peter: Bailey Ellis Jason: Shane Patrick Hoffmann Ivy: Sarah Short Nadia: Maribeth Brisky Matt: Brian Beede Lucas: Sammy Orrey Sister Chantelle: Lizzi Jackson Priest: Danny Lacker Claire: Ashley Hanson Tanya: Walker Laws Kyra: Hannah Coleman Diane: Breanna Northrup Rory: Emma Ridinger Alan: Matthew Gerard Zack: Jaeger Snyder Ensemble: Andrea Paulson, Mykal Evans, Sam Brown, Dana Brown. Directed by: Macy Larson Music Direction: Evan Ingalls Stage Manager: Bobbijo Queen Choreography: Alyssa Balogh Assistant Choreographer: Rika Peterson Bare is being presented at Western Washington University's DUG Theatre (PAC 199) and runs May 29th, 30th at 7:30pm and May 31st at 2pm and 7:30pm. Ticket Prices by donation, keeping in mind that donating time to come see our show is all the donation needed!

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