Banana Boating Madness with Windriders!

 28 May
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 Exeter University Windriders
Revision season is in full swing and exams are imminently looming upon us. But fear not, term 3 happens to be the best windrider term of the year (yes, even better than term 1 and 2) and we have a load of rad events in store for you. Including banana boating! On the 28th of May, right after we all finish exams, we are going to lead you into the madness of term 3 in style. We will be taking the train down to Exmouth at around 1:15. When we get to Exmouth, boats will take us to the Exewake barge. From there we will have 2 banana boats taking us off and on the barge. While you wait you can even buy hot drinks and snacks there. Your boatride to the barge + one banana boat ride = £10.50! + bargain to madness + opportunity to make a similar facial expression to Rory’s in the above picture check out the website page to get signed on :)!banana-boating/c1yfr

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