Balboa Workshops with Jen Barnett

 30 May
 Illumination Dance Studio
 109 W 15th St Suite 104 - 23224 - Richmond - United States
 Erica Vess
What: Multi-level Balboa Workshops with Special Guest Jen Barnett When: Saturday, May 30th, 1pm -5:30pm Where: Illumination Dance Studio, 109 W. 15th St, Richmond Va Instructor: Jen Barnett Cost: online price: $25 for one class session or $40 for both at the door: $30 for one class session or $45 for both (if space is still available - online registration is strongly suggested) Your class registration also includes admission to our Balboa Dance Party later that same evening. (Dance event page: ) For an optimum learning experience, classes will be limited to around 10 leads and 10 follows. Please register early to secure a spot. Online registration is now open! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class One: Balboa Fundamentals (Novice level and above) 1pm-3pm Intended for those who are newer to Balboa (but have taken at least one beginner Balboa series). It's time to iron out the wrinkles in your Balboa! In this class Jen will give you the tools to build a solid Balboa dance and help you be more comfortable and confident on the social floor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class Two: Balboa Refinements (Intermediate* level and above) 3:30pm-5:30pm Intended for those with more substantial Balboa and Bal-Swing experience. Take your Balboa from "meh" to "yeah!" by adding styling and exploring new transitions between the moves you use all the time. *Our definition of "intermediate" is a dancer who can successfully execute a Balboa basic, a come-around, common pure bal ad-lib steps as well as common Bal-Swing patterns like lollies, toss-outs and out & ins. Students taking the 2nd workshop will be expected to already know these moves. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Jen: Known for bringing a little math and science into the ballroom (don’t worry, just a little), Jen Barnett specializes in Balboa. Hailing from New York City, Jen competes in Balboa on the international stage, having won the All Balboa Weekend Jack & Jill three times. She has also won the Canadian Balboa Championships, Favorite Social Follow (Bal Jam ’07), and various strictly competitions at events such as the Eastern Balboa Championships and the Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout. In addition to competing, Jen also enjoys performing. (What can you say? She’s an only child.) Jen’s favorite performance was smack dab in the middle of the Museum of Natural History, right under the giant blue whale. As a teacher, Jen tries to balance her high expectations with lots of love, humor, and support for her students. Never forgetting to address both follows and leads, Jen blends technical presentation with the musicality and spirit that make swing dancing so enjoyable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Private Lessons In addition to the group workshops, Jen is available for private lessons (for one person or up to 3 couples) at the rate of $75 an hour. This is a great opportunity to get personalized feedback on your dancing, or to get a group of like-minded friends together and work on a topic of your choosing. To set up a private lesson, email -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This event was created via the RASS & The Usual Suspects Facebook group and all members were automatically invited. If you do not wish to receive further notifications from this particular event, you may remove it from your Facebook events and/or decline the invitation. (We won't be offended: we hate event spam, too!) :)

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