Balboa: Inside and Outside the Box, with Nelle Cherry & Adam Speen

 30 May
 Greek American Political Club
 288 Green St - 02139 - Cambridge - United States
 Boston Balboa
Nelle Cherry and Adam Speen are two of the most brilliant Balboa dancers in the world — and they love to share what they do on the social floor and the competition stage with students. They taught Boston Balboa’s first workshop ever, and we are so excited to have them back in Boston May 30-31, 2015! Registration is open now at! Saturday: work on things “inside the box.” Focus on technique and simple musicality within the five main movements: Pure Bal, lollies, toss-outs, out and ins, swivels. Upgrade your toolbox! Spend the day polishing up and learning how to more effectively use the fundamental tools of Balboa and Bal-Swing. Accessible for all levels. Sunday: play “outside the box.” Creative musicality, fun partnering exercises, and more to make the dance as unique as you! Take what you know about those fundamental Balboa tools, and think differently about how to use them! The first two hours will be accessible for all levels and will consider how individuals can alter their fundamentals for a more personal and musical dance style. The final two hours will discuss more advanced concepts of creativity and how subtle changes in partnership, momentum, and engagement to the music provide a wider design palette from which to personalize your dancing.

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