BACK TO THE GARAGE w/ JACKSON SCOTT (Asheville, NC - Fat Possum Records/ Bloodmoss Records)

 26 May
 Midtown Speakeasy
 1206 North Monroe St - 32308 - Tallahassee - United States
 Sharod Bines This show should be very nice and cozy! The PERFECT spring show, if I do say so myself! I especially like working with bands/artists on labels that I truly respect, and JACKSON SCOTT (Asheville, NC - Fat Possum Records / Bloodmoss Records), is on one of the best record labels (Fat Possum) of all time! Check the details below and make sure to bring a loved one to this awesome show! WHAT: JACKSON SCOTT (Asheville, NC - Fat Possum Records) WHEN: TUESDAY, MAY 26TH 2015 WHERE: MIDTOWN SPEAKEASY (1206 N Monroe St) DOORS/COVER: 8PM - $5 - 21+ JACKSON SCOTT (Asheville, NC - Fat Possum Records/Bloodmoss Records) + 2 TBD "Jackson Scott is all of 22 — around the same age as those who initially carved out the paths of psychedelic music back in the late '60s. It's a good age to feel unbound by social mores, an expectation that can be stretched to the wild, mood-swinging environments Scott crafts on his second solo album, Sunshine Redux.The Asheville-via-Pittsburgh native hasn't yet learned how to hold back, and here's hoping he never does. Freed of the guidelines set by other modern psych practitioners (Ty Segall, White Fence's Tim Presley), Scott is able to unleash his id across the solar-streaked contours of Sunshine Redux. Lo-res acoustic guitar crunches against saturated drumbeats, while Scott's voice glides over husky bass lines; at the same time, fuzz leads rip over tape experiments and sound effects, drifting between melodies and ideas until they liquefy." - NPR "Jackson Scott's Soundcloud page has three songs and not much more. We know he's from Asheville, North Carolina; there's also a link to his Tumblr, which hosts a faded Polaroid and absolutely nothing else. Considering the slackened style of music he leans toward, it's likely this is more a result of self-effacement, rather than a masterplan to generate intrigue, since forensics analysis on Scott's "That Awful Sound" reveals DNA from the entire bloodline of home-recorded, scrappy indie-pop. The mazelike structure and wiggly guitar leads of Built to Spill, Elephant 6's sped-up vocals and hard-strummed acoustics, Bradford Cox's reverence for four-track recording and countless other minor figures pop up during this instantly ingratiating and puzzling song. It's a style that's undoubtedly tied to the 1990s and familiar with older heads, but it sounds perfect on him. "That Awful Sound" is proof that the best way to pay tribute is to add to its legacy." - P4K BEST NEW TRACK

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