07 June
 COTTESLOE sports hall, Leadenhall, MILTON KEYNES.
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 Rosaria Oliva Cristini
Redhotred and Dance2Salsa 3 Hour Bachata Workshop – PART ONE REDHOTED SALSA AND DANCE 2 SALSA have teamed up to offer a unique series of workshops. First of these workshops will focus on BACHATA FUSION. FIRST OF A THREE PART SERIES! PART ONE : BEGINNERS (aimed at those NEW to Bachata or with some Bachata experience. PART TWO Builds on elements taught in PART ONE (aimed at Bachata dancers with at least 6 months Bachata experience) PART THREE (aimed at experienced Bachata experience) Bachata is a fantastic part of the Salsa dance scene and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Some of you, who have been fortunate enough to have been around the salsa scene for some time, will already have some experience of Bachata. There will also be some of you however, who have only heard or seen Bachata danced but never had the opportunity to try out this amazing dance. Experienced or new to Bachata - you are in for a treat. Redhotred In conjunction with Dance2Salsa are offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a 3 hour workshop aimed at beginner to improver level dancers with at least 3 months experience of dance. This workshop will be taught by Basil Pinnock of Dance2Salsa and will be progressive in nature.. This will be the first in a series of such workshops with future workshops catering for higher levels. The first of these workshops will introduce you to the world of Bachata if you are an absolute beginner but will also enhance your dancing if you already have some experience of Bachata. In particular this workshop will explore the current trend of fusing Bachata with elements of other latin dances to create a modern ‘Bachata Fusion’. As part of this Fusion, this workshop will explore Traditional Bachata, Modern (Moderna) Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Dominican Bachata and Bachatango. This workshop will give you the necessary foundation required to take your dancing to the next level. Please note that there will be limited spaces for this workshop so please book your space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. £5 deposit required to book your place. LEVEL 1 (1st hour) Introduction to Bachata Bachata Timing Frame and Posture Footwork Bachata Fusion LEVEL 2 (2nd hour) Building on Hour 1 Bachata Moderna Sensual Bachata LEVEL 3 (3rd hour) Building on Hour 1 and 2 Dominican Bachata Bachatango Cost 1 hour of tuition - £10 2 hours of tuition - £18 3 hours of tuition - £25 Venue location : COTTESLOE SPORTS HALL (Next door to Woughton Leisure Centre) Rainbow Drive, Leadenhall, off CHAFFRON WAY, MK6 5 EJ. Contact information : Rosa 07721 038823 Basil Pinnock, Director of Dance2Salsa Dance Company A great deal of Basil’s early years were spent in the various Jazz Dance clubs up and down the country. This was a unique underground dance scene, where the emphasis was on solo footwork and breath-taking body movement. Salsa became a major part of Basil’s life in 2001 and he has dedicated himself to learning and teaching all aspects of this fantastic art form. He started Dance2Salsa in the Autumn of 2006 at Bird Hills Golf Club with Melissa Lambourne who in that time has established herself as the ‘First Lady’ of Dance2Salsa. Basil now teaches a number of different dance styles and forms including, On Clave, Cross Body Lead salsa On1, Mambo On2 (Palladium/Classic timing), Cha Cha Cha and Bachata Fusion. With his partner Melissa, he also delivers unique 3 hour workshops in areas such as Musical interpretation and application to dance, Ladies and Men’s Styling, Spins and Rotations, Footwork and Solo movement. Bachata Background and History Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic - It is now danced all over the world. Authentic/Traditional Bachata is the original way of dancing Bachata, originating from the Dominican Republic where the music was born. The early slow style in the sixties from where everything started was danced only closed, like the Bolero.Traditional style Bachata incorporated a simpler side to side pattern instead of the box-steps. Modern/Moderna is a newer dance and was developed probably from around 2005 on the 'Traditional' dance basic elements. The basics are the same as the Traditional dance, but with added dance elements and styling from Salsa, Tango, Zouk-lambada, Ballroom etc. The most direct fusion influence on the Modern/Moderna dance, comes from the adoption of salsa turn patterns. Sensual Bachata is an even newer modern dance that incorporates Zouk-lambada/Lamba-Zouk elements called 'Sensual', this dance basically also have the same technical base as the Modern/Moderna dance. Bachatango was developed at the same time as the Modern/Moderna dance. It's also a fusion dance with short sequences of Traditional basic steps and then added different Tango steps danced like Tango.

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