Ayahuasca Spring Ceremony Spain Pilot

 06 June
 Malaga, Costa Del Sol
 Andalucía - 29000 - Málaga - Spain
 Berry Danique
The ayahuasca experience has proven to be an extraordinary one. It has positively changed the lives of many people. It has cured various forms of depression and addiction. Ayahuasca has shown people the immense beauty of the cosmos and ourselves through overwhelmingly enchanting and emotional visions and visualizations. An experience capable of phenomena with such magnitude needs to be valued and respected for what it is. Our weekends are characterized by not only using the medicine plant during Ayahuasca ceremonies. The weekends are characterized and strengthened by workshops and sharings. All aimed at increasing the awareness. This weekend we offer for an amount of €200, - per person, because it is our first one in Spain. included: - 1 x Ayahuasca ceremony (at sunset) - workshops - yoga and barefeet walking the morning after - sharings / integration sessions - all meals (vegetarian and adapted due Aya) When you sign up through this event you will receive a message from us. We have choosen for small groups to give everybody the care and attention they need. So we only have space for 10 travellers. We love to see you in Spain <3 Warm hugs, Danique en Berry

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