Awkward Way To Heal

 17 May
 Hope Point Church
 1705 12th St SE - 97302 - Salem - United States
 Hope Point Church
There are so many awkward moments recorded in the Bible between God and people. Jesus even created awkward moments on purpose like the time he made some facial cream out of his saliva and mud and put in this blind guys eyes. As if he wasn't blind enough. Awkward! Jesus also set up an awkward moment when He asked this woman at a well if she had a husband. The woman responded, no! Jesus was like yep, your right there. You don't have a husband, you have had five husbands and, the man you are living with now is not one of them. Awkward! Jesus also had a frequent tendency to invite himself over to people’s homes for dinner. You know anyone like that? Awkward! The truth is if you are going to live a life filled with grace and truth then your life will be awkward at times. But it's in those awkward moments, between grace and truth, that we often receive and give life to others. Join us for some Awkward moments at the Point.

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