29 May
 EDEN Studios, Berlin Pankow, Breite Straße 42-43
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 Tanou Onederful
Dear Life in all of Us Wholehearted invitations to these exquisite Men/Women relational dynamic events and Men's Workshops. Deepen and refine your relational capacities, gifts and clarity for more joy, wakefulness and ongoing depth in all your relations and encounters. And come on the ride of a very conscious, wide awake and bright journey through the mystery... Very excited to present again Eli Buren with a new series of workshops to awesome Berlin. This time with a special extended weekend for a longer dive and stretch into our true capabilities. Awakened Intimacy events for Men & Women (singles and couples) At our core, we have a heart longing to live in the fullness of relationship. We desire to know and express our whole un-guarded self. The human body and mind is built to relate- to touch and to be touched - by each other,and by life itself. Our true happiness and well-being is cultivated in dynamic relationship with the world, and with our own essential nature. We are awakened and rejuvenated through experiences of union. Whether with companions, in a full breath, or simply being in nature, we deepen our sense of aliveness and connection with all that is. All too often, these deep states of connection happen just momentarily, as some- one or something passes through our experience. Yet in every moment there is always the potential to connect, and we can choose this as our way of life. Whatever existence offers, we can practice opening with what is. By awakening our senses, refining our discernment and bringing attention to our actions, we can let love communicate more profoundly through our being. We can see, feel, and experience the great connectedness of life, of which we are a living part. Ultimately, we can choose to stand free and open, in exquisite relationship with life. These events are dedicated to the understanding, cultivation and practice of living this potential. What you can explore: ▪ instead of being stuck: explore the range of your personal expression, allowing greater freedom and sensitivity in your relations. ▪ ▪ create beauty: consider and learn how to artfully and responsibly conduct your sexual energy in relationship and the world. ▪ ▪ Develop deeper heart awareness of your surroundings and the beings that live in them. ▪ ▪ Cultivate and play with the Masculine/Feminine essences in your own body and beyond. ▪ ▪ Learn where you resist life energy and how to navigate through habitual closures. ▪ ▪ Have fun and celebrate in a regenerative and uplifting way. ▪ ▪ Slow down, breathe, and remember the tremendously delicate nature of this moment and how you long to live it. ▪ ▪ learn to grow friendships and intimacies into new realms of subtlety and heart connection. ▪ group leaders see and learn how to build and hold a strong energetic container for a continuing upward spiral DATES AND TIMES: Men's Day 28.5. 10:00 - 19:00 Weekend Workshop Fri 29.5. 16:00 - 22:00 . Sat 30.5. 10:00 - 22:00 Sun 31.5. 9:00- 16:00 PRICES: 120 eur for the Men’s day 270 eur for the Full Weekend Workshop (Sat&Sun) 240 eur partner price (can be a friend of opposite gender) 310 eur for the extended weekend workshop in May , 270 eur partner price 40 eur for the Open Evening session (free for those who come to the weekend as well) Discounts: 50 eur off if you join more than one day or workshop. We strive to make the workshops available to all who are genuinely called to participate. If finances are preventative, inquire about possible scholarships. Watch out! Here are the dates and links(coming) for all events (Including the Men's Work!) in Berlin this spring and beginning summer: AWAKENING INTO INTIMACY OPEN EVENING 9.4. AWAKENING TO INTIMACY WEEKEND 11.+ 12.4. EMBODYING YOUR TRUE DEPTH MEN'S DAY 10.4. EMBODYING YOUR TRUE DEPTH MEN'S DAY MAY 28.5. And here a one day Workshop in southern Germany at the community of Schloss Tempelhof 13. May Trainings with Eli are offered in a strong spirit of honor, integrity, humor, and heart. Eli Buren has been dedicated to the evolution of awareness since 1998, with specific trainings in yogic embodiment, spiritual practices, meditation, somatic studies and how these disciplines can be lived in a down to earth manner. Eli has studied with a wide spectrum of teachers, including a six year engagement serving as one of David Deida ’s teaching assistants . Currently Eli holds a private practice in San Francisco and leads workshops throughout America and Europe. NOTE: Open to both couples and individual participants. There is no nudity in the workshop. A strong container of practice is held and we are dedicated to the highest degree of safety, clarity, and integrity for all workshop participants. INFORMATION & BOOKING: (Tanou) LANGUAGE: Presentations will be in English. Otherwise we may speak and do the exercises in German. We will help each other when needed, plus Eli speaks easy and clear understandable English. What others say: "These two workshops I attended with Eli were intense, connecting, opening and challenging at the same time. What amazes me is the sensitivity with which Eli is navigating this delicate mix to the edges, staying there, relaxing into and then move beyond. I was there and I stayed because I trust Eli, each time seeing more of the deep calling and dedication to giving all, every moment, based on profound and embodied experience. After the workshops I was always worked out, softened, more connected with my partner and the rest of life. It is a juicy ride through a landscape with volcanoes, thunderstorms, rough and smooth seas, deepening that what it means to be human, i feel." Frank - Berlin "I am still buzzing from the weekend. Eli guided us into a mysteriously deep place with each other. I felt challenged, but also held and cared for. Eli listened to the group and responded to what he heard people saying, it became like a relationship - living and breathing. I wish all men could hold still and listen like this with such care and responsiveness, and stay strong and safe. Finally I got a taste of where relationship can take me. It feels delicious, I want more.....thank you Eli." Helen - London “The workshop was a beautiful and deeply inspiring journey into my inner Self and into the realms of genuine and authentic connection with both men and women. I discovered a new and very profound way of connecting with myself and being open to others. An extraordinary workshop led by a very inspiring and genuine man that will certainly move and touch you. Highly recommended!” Sonia - Berlin "I'm feeling deeply grateful for the experience with Eli. The workshop left me touched, moved and nourished at the deepest. I never had a weekend where I felt I have given and received so much. The experiences of the support of a strong group that wants the best for each other, and the exercises to stay open at my edge and fully be, will be with me forever." Tomas - Austria

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