Awakening the Light Body: Embracing the True Self & working with Multidimensional Awareness by Alloya

 30 May
 Love Lab Studio, Zaandijk
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Embracing the True Self and working with Multidimensional Awareness Do you consider yourself to be a Light Worker? A definition of a Light Worker is one who has come to this planet in service to aid this planet and its human inhabitants, as it shifts in consciousness. There are many of us here now on this Earth plane, who are from many different planets and dimensions of existence, we are here at this time for a reason. We are here for the shift of ages. As the transformation of the planet increases in acceleration, we, as Light Workers should be stepping into our power as the amazing Light Beings we really are. However this is not happening by itself, we have to remove all limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves and take back the power that we do possess, to change this world. During this workshop we will learn to expand our consciousness and begin to use our multidimensional awareness to embrace our True Self. We will find ways of working which harness the energy of the Soul and all it many aspects to bring ourselves to a place of healing, openness and truth, enabling us to fully embrace our divine nature. By working with our Soul’s energy within the cells of the body we can remove all unwanted belief systems, emotional blockages and limiting programs and replace them with high frequencies codes which come directly from Source. We can learn to take back our power and step into the role of aiding Gaia in her shift in consciousness, which is what we came here to do. We are here for the shift of ages. As the transformation of the planet increases in acceleration we need to step into our power as the amazing Light Beings we really are. During the seminar we will: • Find ways of anchoring into the body higher and higher frequencies. Align yourselves with the ray of your spirit that comes directly from the Source, discover the spirit name. • Remove negative core beliefs and issues and activate the transformation of the d.n.a. • Open up to the various Soul aspects which are contained within your Multidimensional Identity, and access their wisdom, teachings and energy to be able to ground this into our Earth reality. • Access star codes which currently lie dormant in the DNA and activate abilities to channel higher information coming from other dimensions. • Using the transformational processes to clear all negativity from the body, leaving room for the merging with your divine self. • Find new and empowering new techniques to use within your current light working practices. • Increase the frequency of the body and really know who you are, on your highest level. And be successful in your mission upon the Earth. When: 30 & 31 May 10:00-18:00 Where:Love Lab Studio Zaandijk Netherlands Costs: 200,- euro PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THIS WONDERFUL WORKSHOP BY SENDING EMAIL Tea and drinks is provided during breaks. A soup is provided for lunch please also bring food to share. Please bring a warm jumper or blanket as this work can sometimes make you feel cold. The event is being organized by Eduard Franckena For any further questions you can email as well or call +31681403656 This beautiful workshop is given by Alloya, read all about her on her site or give her a like on her facebook page Alloya- Decoding the Universe Here more about this wondrous person: Alloya has been walking this spiritual path for as long as she can remember, being actively guided by her own Higher-Self. Her Higher-self guided her upon a multidimensional journey through the universe which took over nine years to complete. During this time she was in two realities at once, the normal world of the third dimension and the spectacular worlds of the other dimensions. This journey enabled Alloya to be guided through her life teaching her about the nature of reality, soul and the universe. After many years of study she began to structure her work and bring the knowledge that she learnt from her Higher-Self to other people, this developed into the work that Alloya does today. She works with intuition, feelings, imagination and psychic skills to assist others in their spiritual journey. Alloya is a qualified Hands on Healer with the London College of Healers and Facilitator of the Jann Wiess Transformation Process. Alloya has been working in this field for 24 years, using her empathic and sensitive abilities to help people heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. She has been travelling around the earth teaching and assisting people along their spiritual paths. She holds workshops regularly in Europe as well as back home in England. Alloya is the author of many books and articles, many which are free on her website . She also offers an online service of distant healings, soul readings and also has a You tube channel with podcasts and meditations. Individual Sessions with Alloya : 60 Euros , Please contact Eduard for bookings :

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