Awakening of Love ISRAEL

 04 June
 Bet Oren, Israel
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 Rupda Ji
FOR MORE DETAILS & REGISTRATION, GO TO: --> למידע, עלות והשארת פרטים, נתקשר אלייכם - > “Awakening of Love is a workshop for people who truly want to change something in their lives”. This a transformative 3-day workshop that gives you an opportunity to.. • Sincerely evaluate where your life is right now. • How you got to be where you are today. • What you need in order to make an genuine-shift. By taking this time out, you give yourself an opportunity to discover what it is you’re truly longing for to make a genuine shift in your life. WE HAVE ONE LIFE. MAKE EVERY DAY WORTH WHILE. We keep prices fair that everyone can join our journey: Until 4.5 - 920 nis Then 980 nis - if their will still be places available (maximum 30 participants) Fill the form and we'll get back to you: ronni 054-7908050 Ido: 054-2151433 -- Welcome to share the event with your friends

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