Australia supports Satyamev Jayate with a Pledge.

 06 December
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 Priyanka Nijhawan
Australia supports Satyamev Jayate with a Pledge.
If you were touched by the heartfelt Satyamev Jayate Season 1, please join us to show your appreciation for the amazing work by Aamir Khan Productions by posting a message of support and best wishes for Season 2. We will be sending this page to Aamir so he can see that even though we are away from our motherland, we are passionate to do our bit to help build a better India. 3 quick and easy steps. Step 1: Join this event. Step 2: Pick one topic/episode that touched you the post and make a pledge (please post the name of the episode at the end in brackets). For e.g. Episode 12 discussed “Water- Every drop counts”. After watching that, I broke into shivers. The water that I so carelessly waste in Melbourne is the same commodity and basic right of a human that our people are deprived of. So, I, Priyanka, pledge to not waste water where ever I am (Episode 12- Water- Every drop counts). Step 3: Invite your Indians friends in Australia to join on and take a stand against an issue that was touched in Season 1. Want to see a better India? Each one of us can make a difference. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. Whether we live on home soil or whether we are miles away, we are still Indians at heart. One change in each of us will make all the difference we need. Aamir Khan had a vision and passion to make a change. Efforts of one man where comparable to that of millions, if not billions. Season 1 of the heart touching series of the saga that is called “Satyamev Jayate” was aired for 13 weeks on Star Plus at 7pm on Monday evenings after the new episode was aired in India the night before. Links to all 13 episodes have been posted in the news feed. Feel free to watch them in case you missed any. AND ON CHRISTMAS EVE, THESE MESSAGES WILL BE BUNDLED AND SENT AS MESSAGES OF HOPE TO AAMIR KHAN PRODUCTIONS. I AM IN TOUCH WITH THE DIRECTOR OF SATYMEV JAYETE WHO WILL HELP TO DELIVER THEM WITH LOVE AND CARE. So lets get started, we don’t have a lot of time. India needs us. ~From an ardent Satyamev Jayate Fan, Priyanka (Melbourne)~

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