Atomic Sherpas @ The Press - Claremont, CA

 14 June
 Claremont, CA, United States
  - 91711 - -
Lineup: ----------------- Atomic Sherpas Atomic Sherpas Find Local Concerts: "The Atomic Sherpas, movers and shakers of the booty chakra and overwhelmers of the third-eye portal to the metaphysical, plant the sci-fi-funk flag in Claremont, the jewel of the magnificent inland empire. Revelers now can sate themeselves with savory smoking burgers washed down with fine crafted suds in brimming tankards and swashbuckle too and fro as the searing funkified rocking blues fueled dragster dragons of glory - that's The Atomic Sherpas - lead the freaky flock through a three hour odyssean bacchanal." - Vance Cliffhouse, Inland Empire Strikes Back! Culture Blog

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