Atma Rahasya - Secret of the Self Workshop

 30 May
 Zen Divine Yoga
 Storskärsgatan 3 - 11529 - Stockholm - Sweden
 Dhyan Vimal
This weekend workshop will be a scientific study into an existential formula created by Dhyan Vimal that reveals the secret of one’s self. We will explore the science of how we view and frame ourselves both outwardly and inwardly and how the self, manifests itself into one’s life realities. Just as a priceless painting’s grandness is brought to life and honoured by a right frame, so is it too for the individual. With the assistance of the facilitator we will explore how our conflicts and problems are born from the split between what we have sold/projected ourselves outwardly and what our true inner authenticity is. This trajectory then leads to how our life plays out for us, either in the direction of rising in growth, transformation & meditation; or in enslavement, meaninglessness and self-destruction. Finding one's correction, personal meditation and yogam (that which you can be as a gift for all) through the study of one’s personal formula will be entered into deeply by the participants. The workshop will involve: - Introduction and explanation of the base formula - Insightful lectures to assist understanding - Reflection and contemplative based study and analysis done both personally and through group work - Group Discussion and Q & A - Celebration - Formulating One’s Formula (each participant will receive his/her individual formula and its correction, personal meditation and yogam) Due to the key role of the facilitator in paying attention to the individual and the group, combined with the intensity and depth of this workshop, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 persons. Dates: May 30th & 31st Time: Saturday 14.00 - 20:00 and Sunday 10.00 - 17.00 Venue: Zen Divine Yoga Studio, Storskärsgatan 3 Cost: 2100kr (to be pre-paid due to limited space) Comments from participants from the Workshop in Berlin: "An amazing class and highly riveting.The originality experienced brought forth undeniable blessings and life altering insights. Thank you Ravin for this rare moment and your messages / teachings. The "corrections" will undoubtedly lead me to express and be more open and mindful - in seeing things as they are - objectively and responsibly. The ascending "click" as Master Dhyan poignantly delivers is an awareness I have been searching for - the secret of self is a process that requires responsible choices. Through your class, I've learned to take the next courageous step. I look forward to further exploring and experiencing more meditations." - David Gwodzik "I am so happy that I could participate in this powerful workshop "Right framing". Receiving this existential formula and understanding the inner and outer "I" was a new learning experience for me along with the great group-excercises. The individual correction which Navin evaluated for each one of us enables us to rise to our true beauty. A big "THANK YOU" to our facilitator Navin!" - Helga Haase "Revolutionary program beyond price! Deep insights into our “selves” and into mechanisms of creating loop events in our lives brought some more light into the darkness of unconsciousness and had an immediate impact on perception of “self”. So many inputs for reflection in a company of GREAT people, this weekend could not have been spent in a better way … Thank you, Navin, for your big heart and for always welcoming us to learn and grow with you!" - Maria Samalikova "The program has been a powerful, life-changing event guided by our beloved Navin towards growth. The more I think the less I am able to explain the beauty of Atma Rahasya! Thank you." - Daniela De Vono "What a privileged it was to have been able to participate in this workshop! What I learned hit me straight away, seeing myself like I had never seen myself before. The insights will undoubtably sink deeper and deeper with time. Awesome!" - Harry McPartlin

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